#BBB NEWS| Dr. Dre Loses Trademark Battle With Gynecologist Named Dr. Drai


It looks like Dr. Draion M. Burch is still Drai. The Pennsylvania-based OB/GYN has been embroiled in a trademark battle with hip-hop mogul Dr. Dre for several years over the use of his moniker “Dr. Drai.” According to TMZ, the gynecologist gets to keep calling himself that.

In 2015, Dr. Drai reportedly filed to trademark his name as well as “Doctor Drai OBGYN & Media Personality.” He has written books under the moniker (one of which is called 20 Things You May Not Know About The Penis), and also makes appearances as “Dr. Drai.”

The Cali-bred music and business entrepreneur tried to stop the filings from occurring, stating that the similarities of their names would cause “confusion in the marketplace.” However, due to a lack of evidence that there would be confusion as to which Dre/Drai is the mogul or doctor, the case was thrown out.

“The trademark office agreed with the medical doc, saying although the gangsta doc was well known…there wasn’t enough evidence people would be confused,” writes TMZ.

Dr. Dre recently made headlines after appearing with his protege Eminem during Coachella Music Festival Weekend 1. He and Jimmy Iovine are also reportedly slated to make $700 million in Apple stocks once they vest this August. Seems like someone having the same professional name as him is the very, very least of his worries.


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