#BBB NEWS| WATCH: 50 Cent, O’Shea Jackson Jr., And More Star In Upcoming Thriller ‘Den Of Thieves’ (Trailer)


The juxtaposition between law enforcement and corruption always seems to overlap. This stark and complex parallel is exactly what the forthcoming Christian Gudepast-directed film, Den Of Thieves, aims to convey on the big screen.

The film’s latest trailer depicts a malignant Gerard Butler playing a crooked cop who seems to be the ringleader of a notorious gang. Interludes of high-flying action in the streets of L.A., and combative dialogue between Butler and the rest of his co-stars takes place as well.

50 Cent, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Pablo Schreiber also star in the new flick with characters that live on the inside of a corrupt L.A. County Sheriff’s Department or blatant bank robbers who aim to take over the Federal Reserve Bank of Downtown L.A. Whether it’s a cop or a bank robber it’s hard to tell who the bad guys really are.

According to Deadline, creators Gudegast and Tucker Tooley spent 10 years developing the film.


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